“Working with Lara was an inspiring experience. As well as allowing me to put thoughts into words, it sparked new ideas and concepts within my practice which I would not have thought about without our collaboration. During our residency with The Double Negative, Lara asked pertinent questions, really listening to what it is I wanted to say, while opening new ways of interpreting what I do and framing it within a bigger picture. The resulting essay opened new doors which we decided to explore further during a public discussion at Tate Liverpool. We invited artists to join us to expand our ideas about artists and magic. Lara was a great facilitator, allowing the conversation to flow, re-framing it when needed and challenging us at times. She managed to capture the essence of our discussion in another fantastic essay, summarising our thoughts and again taking them to another conceptual level. Lara was direct, professional, surprising and fun. I would definitely work with her again.”

Laurence Payot, Artist

“The brilliant catalogue essay that Lara wrote for my 2015 solo show became an integral part of the exhibition. Lara writes with a rare clarity about concepts that are not always easy to articulate. What was particularly impressive was the perfect line she walked between academic weightiness and general readability – again another uncommon talent. I would trust Lara to grasp artistic intention, combine it with a close reading of the work and come up with an explication that shines new light on the art. I think she showed me some of the unconscious of what I was doing… very therapeutic!”

Benjamin Hannavy-Cousin, Artist

“It was a pleasure working with Lara in my latest art catalogue. She worked fast and seamlessly, often with only partial or in-progress information from my part. She did a fantastic job positioning my new body of work within historical and contemporary contexts. Her writing is accessible while thorough and complex. She represented my journey through the residency and the process of my artwork with a natural and relatable voice.”

Hondartza Fraga, Artist

We’ve worked with Dr Lara Eggleton on a variety of projects since 2009, and she is consistently reliable as a collaborator and creative in her output. We’ve commissioned two exhibition catalogue essays from her on contemporary art subjects, and she has also given illustrated public talks for our general Gallery audience on themes including contemporary art prizes and the tradition of landscape.  A talented communicator, both in written and presentation contexts, Dr Eggleton has been a pleasure to work with on exhibition and special events projects in the Gallery setting.”

Layla Bloom, Curator, The Stanley & Audrey Burton Gallery

“Working with Lara Eggleton on essays, publications, exhibitions and interviews has never been less than edifying. Whilst she challenges and subsequently firms up loose, errant ideas with academic rigour, her approach to art, culture and thinking is always generous, open and creative.”

David Steans, Artist and Curator

“Lara’s writing is grounded in meticulous research and thinking, and enlivened by a natural creativity. Her essay for a publication that accompanied my solo show Rose&Heather at Leeds City Gallery was an essential part of the exhibitions contextualisation, and partnered the work in ways that were both reflexive and independent. I have continued to follow her writing practice, and it continues to inform my own thinking.”

Emma Bolland, Artist and Writer

“Lara’s fluent and poetic use of creative dialogue forces the reader into a new space. Just as sculptors use the architecture of a room to position their work, Eggleton uses words to generate a hybrid platform for debate from which to engage in current discourses.”

Amy Stephens, Artist